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Migration from XFree86 to Xorg

Migration from xfree86 to Xorg

I don’t know why but, I always wanted to get rid of xfree. It must be the traumatic childhood with it. As the biggest bug stumbler that I am, xfree never worked for me the way it was supposed to. Having to mess with all the 3D acceleration stuff, just made the whole thing terrible. It is not that with Xorg things will be different, it is mostly psychological. The migration was a very smooth. So smooth actually that some reality checks was necessary! I use GNU/Linux on my laptop. The distribution of choice is Debian. The migration process was as simple as this :

apt-get install xfree-xorg

Packages was fetched, installed and setup. Xfree86 was automatically removed! The only problem was that in the input device section of the config file the driver for the keyboard was named “Keyboard” when the Xorg expected “keyboard”. It wouldn’t be much if when reporting the error, the video state was correctly recovered to text mode. To be exact, text mode was recovered but colors for background, text and border were wild making it impossible to read the error.

Anyway things work fine after that… just hope Xorg is more optimized that Xfree86 (I have 128MBs of memory on my laptop).

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