Everything that has a beginning has an end

You probably remember that quote from “The Matrix”. It is a fact that I hate endings and that quote makes sure you don’t forget that whatever begins now, will end some day. I believe that this is one of the most important things you learn growing up. And most of the times you learn it the hard way.

Yesterday a close friend of mine held a goodbye party at his house. He will be leaving that house as college life is coming to an end. He lived in that house for six years and as you understand the mood was heavy. It is hard to leave behind such a big part of you life. But things must happen in a forward manner. All that you can’t leave behind, you must carry in you memory. After all don’t pity the men who go on, pity the ones left behind.


The beach

High view of Kastanea

I extended my last weekend till Tuesday since there was a festival at my village. Every village in Greece has a special celebration day. My village celebrates on S. Friday, which is on 26 of the July. It was fun and relaxing. It is always good to see old friends and enjoy nature at its best. Also some discussions and disputes at the local drink shop, caused me some thinking so here is a story…

Master Thesis Open Source

An other contribution to OpenSource

Ok… after a lot of hard work, I managed to implement RQ decomposition in SciPy. It was a rather bad experience. I hate Fortran and I had to mess with it. Patch is send to the scipy-dev mailing list and I’m ready to continue my work.

But wait… it is Friday!!! I’m off!!!

Master Thesis

RQ Decomposition

My master thesis requires a lot of maths and linear algebra. For the purpose I use SciPy. It is a very good library and the fact that it is in python makes it very flexible. The problem is that it is (most of the times) just a wrapper around other older libraries like the famous LAPACK.

I’m now at a point where


Migration from XFree86 to Xorg

Migration from xfree86 to Xorg

I don’t know why but, I always wanted to get rid of xfree. It must be the traumatic childhood with it. As the biggest bug stumbler that I am, xfree never worked for me the way it was supposed to. Having to mess with all the 3D acceleration stuff, just made the whole thing terrible. It is not that with Xorg things will be different, it is mostly psychological.