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Unveiling Pop Corny

Honestly I can’t really describe how excited I am to finally be able to announce my first game! Since the first line of code I ever typed in a programming language, all I wanted to build was a game. It turns out that only many years later the timing would be right for it to become a reality. Some of you might already knew that this was coming if you had read my last #altdevblogaday post. A few days ago I unveiled the game’s icon to the game’s Facebook page. If you like it please like the page and share it as I am certainly going to need the word of mouth in promoting it.

I will not yet go into details about what the game is about (apart from obviously being about a popcorn loving crazy looking monster!), I will save this a for few days later when the AppStore review process will be coming to an end. A teaser video will also be released so keep an eye open for it.

Also if any of you happen to write for a game review website or you know a friend who knows a friend that has a cousin that got married to a girl that reviews games, please let them know I would be glad to send then the game!


p.s. If you are not a Facebook guy you can follow the game’s twitter account for updates: @MrPopCorny

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Having both Mac OSX and iPhone targets in XCODE

I have a library (guess what that is!) for use in the iPhone. For the library I have an XCode project with two targets. One for the emulator and one for the actual device. Nothing wild as you can see.

However the joy came when I desided to also use the library in OSX. As one would guess I went on and created a new target for OSX, which started out as a copy of the original iPhone, target but with the “base SDK” for the specific target switched to “Mac OS X 10.6”.

When I compiled for the first time, I came to the realization that even with this option set to Mac OS X 10.6, xcode was still compiling for the iPhone! From this point on, nothing worked. I tried every option, setting, for the project and the target.. but nothing. XCode seemed locked to compile for the iPhone, totally ignoring the SDK setting. I ended up trying quiting/starting again XCode, restarting the MAC… and some other arcane spells and voodoo I can’t really confess here… nothing… Then I gave up and dreamed of the nice days of scons and even make files, when you knew what was under the hood..

All that until today when in a moment of enlightenment, I clicked on the “Overview” dropdown of XCode with the ALT key pressed. And “boom” (as Jobs would say), there is was… “the choise”! By holding ALT when selecting the “Overview dropdown, XCode allows you to choose the active SDK!  This was so overwhelming for me that I tweeted about it and also desided to make a blog post, so that no one has to go through what I did.

So bottom line for both OS X and iPhone targets:

  1. Make a new target for OS X and set it up.
  2. ALT-click the Overview to select your active SDK.
  3. Compile.
  4. Have a nice day!