Sylphis3D lighting, shadows, physics demonstration

This is some “memory lane” kind of post. As you probably already know, I am working on an iOS port of Sylphis3d lately and I have been going through some old videos from Sylphis3D. I must admit the feeling is overwhelming. All those nights strugling with algorithms, data structures, broken drivers, experimental scripting… The vibrant community of people surrounding the project starving for more info on the progress. I really miss those days. I would like to share one of the oldest videos with you. The video below was “shot” in 2003 and is now of historical value! It features per-pixel normal mapped lighting with realtime shadows from every light in the scene, coupled with realistic physics. Note that this was more than one year before DOOM 3 came out… Enjoy!

  • Gregory

    Out of curiosity, why did you move away from Sylphis3d for all these years?

  • I don’t claim to be an expert, but this looks pretty much polished for 2003! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for iOS 🙂

  • @gregory mainly with putting bread on the table! 😀

    @sug thanks sugar! Will start giving out infoz soon! 😉

    • salam nazari man teiuinlmnpng naxirini koturgandim asli 4.3.1edi tunugun kaqta siz torbitingiz da 4.3.2ning turmidin kaqkanlikini dap tikansiz naxirni koturup turmidin kaqurux maxghulatini kilsa hammisi nurmal bulup bolghanda angahirki heliki bolo qikipdegan yiridin oqkanqa telpunim kozghalmay xu adatta telpunni aqkan wakitta qikip korinidighan almining easimi qikip kitip kaldi naqqa ketim itip baktim xu yanila xundak turwaldi amdi kandak kiliman ?

  • Way to go dude! 🙂

  • 4rknova

    Congrats, this looks great.

  • AH

    my truest compliments! nostalgic feelings 😉

  • Roland

    man, i remember those days 🙂 too bad the project was discontinued back then but the reasons were understandable!

  • jauma

    Absolutely impressive. Never heard about that engine, and watching that video dated on 2003… I have no words. Really. How it’s possible such a master piece of software get lost in time? Awesome job