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Porting your game from iOS to Android

So you created a C/C++ game for iOS that gives joy to iPhone and iPad gamers from around the world. How can you deny this joy from all loyal Android users? I can’t, so I had to port¬†Pop Corny to the Android platform. It was a very interesting¬†experience, full of gain as I say, and¬†I […]

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Writing portable code: A process full of gain

Lately I am spending some of my time into porting my game engine to the Android platform. It is a rather refreshing, interesting, rewarding and also frustrating experience. All at the same time. The process helped me learn new lessons and remember some old ones I had forgot. Getting confortable First of all I realized […]

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C++ Concurrency and Parallelism

One of the blessings and curses of C++ is its¬†Standardization Committee. The bureaucrats that steer the language can surely be both. I admit that I have found myself frustrated with the slowness and lag that C++ can have with catching up with progress, but when I think about it I wouldn’t be able to find […]

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From Python to Lua

(This blog was originaly posted at #AltDevBlogADay) All game developers, sooner or later, learn to appreciate scripting languages. That magical thing that allows for letting others do your job, better scaling of the team, strengthening the game code/engine separation, sandboxing, faster prototyping of ideas, fault isolation, easy parametrization, etc. Every game has to be somehow […]

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Sylphis3D lighting, shadows, physics demonstration

This is some “memory lane” kind of post. As you probably already know, I am working on an iOS port of Sylphis3d lately and I have been going through some old videos from Sylphis3D.¬†I must admit the feeling is overwhelming. All those nights strugling with algorithms, data structures, broken drivers, experimental scripting… The vibrant community¬†of […]

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