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Project Offset

Yesterday, I stumbled on Project Offset. It is about a 3D game engine. The released videos and screenshots are very impressive! No engine released until now can create such visuals as the visuals are comparable only to Unreal 3.

The project reminded me of the old days back in 2002 when I released Sylphis to the public. Back then Sylphis had no match in visuals. It could only be compared with the unreleased at the time Doom 3 engine. It is funny that Project Offset is also created by one man! The name is Sam McGrath. The good thing is that Project Offset has two artists. My curse was always the lack of artists. You can’t demonstrate an engine without good art. Actually the purpose of releasing Sylphis to the public was to attract artists. Unfortunately I was not that lucky :(. Interest was big by many people but the result was null. Even companies came up to me offering to buy the rights to the engine. Unfortunately my vision of Sylphis was not compatible with them. I wanted to work on the engine further under some economical support and not to give the engine away.

Anyway that is history. The sad thing is that now Sylphis is rusting due to lack of time. I don’t even have the time to release the SDK. I have to finish my master this September.

My best wishes to Project Offset, I hope they get lots of donations and investors because this is the only way to keep a project alive!

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