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Illuminati Crap

Yes they convinced me to read it after all. I’m referring to the book by Dan Braun. I actually liked The Da Vinci Code when I read it but had no intension reading Illuminati. Having nothing else handy to read and with the suggestion of many-many people to read it, I decided to try it.

I haven’t read it all and I’m not going to read it. The novel is crap! And that is because Dan Brown in this book writes stupid things. I can’t handle that no matter what the other parameters of the book are.

For example he says (as I remember it) :

Wild-and-ultra-clever-scientist : “Do you know what that means? Creating antimatter from energy! From nothing!”…

He proclaims that antimatter can be created from nothing. So it will be a powerfull and clean energy source by dematerializing it with matter. He doesn’t seem to get that creating that antimatter costs more energy than it will produce later on… energy is not nothing…

Anyway what made me finaly stop reading is that they search for a bomb what is monitored by a wireless camera and they can’t find it. The security says that they should black out Vatican so that they can triangulate on the bomb’s signal. The same wild-and-ultra-clever-scientist comes up to say that the bomb is so cool that doesn’t emit any electromagnetic signal… she only makes bombs like that…

Don’t black down Vatican… TRIANGULATE ON THE CAMERA’S SIGNAL!!! oh crap….

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