FlyCraft is out for iOS and Android

Hello guys,

after many-many years the game I created for the October Challenge 2012 finally gets released on iOS and Android. For those that don’t remember, the game was released only for BlackBerry devices back then:

[FlyCraft release post]

You might also want to look into the post-mortem of the game here in Ludum Dare.

[FlyCraft Success Story]

The game was a huge success on the BlackBerry platform, and it was always in my mind to someday bring the game to iOS and Android. Specially now that most BlackBerry users moved to iOS and Android, I was constantly being emailed about a potential release of the game on the new platforms.

So there you go you can now play on iPhones, iPads and Androids. Use this universal link:

And let your friends know about it. It’s really appreciated!

Game on!

[Challenger entry]


Trying out this new service

After a redditor’s suggestion I found out about this new service called, that helps with marketing your game through a new interesting idea. It is something like kickstarter but swapout money with social reach.

So what you basically do is create a project page and then set a goal number of supporters and a target date. A supporter is someone that will agree to have a post made (that he sets) on his social network on the target date. However that is only going to happen if the project achieves the goal number of supporters, otherwise nothing happens.

This way you can have a boost in your social reach on the day you release your game. I find it a very smart idea.

Bellow you can find my project page on and a post I did on Reddit. If you like be a supporter!

Be a supporter on

Upvote on Reddit

Have fun!



New Herbie adventure coming on July 22

This was one crazy week for me. After so much hard work on the game, and finally submitting to three app stores on June 28, Apple managed to delay the release by almost one month. The game got rejected by Apple a few times, due to IAPs not working (as they said). As you understand a big race started to figure out what was the real problem as IAPs in my games work since 2011. It’s the same code. But anyway, I don’t want to bug you with details you don’t care about. The real news are that I now have approval for release on iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

The game will be released the coming Tuesday, July 22. So mark the date and have your App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry World ready for download. It is going to be crowded! 

Meanwhile, I invite you to share the news with your friends and spread the word. Your help will be of extreme value, Herbie will love you, colors will be brighter, food will taste better, life will have meaning. Trust me. 🙂

Here are some links you might find interesting for sharing:

FlyCraft website
YouTube Trailer

And if you are press, you will find this media pack handy:

Media Pack
Until then, mark the date: July 22nd, 2014


Smart App Shopper shutting down on July 17

Those of you following around my BlackBerry apps will probably know of my Smart App Shopper app. It was launched about a year ago, in the hope to provide a price watching service similar to those available for iOS.

Unfortunately, can’t say that the project was a success. With only 30,000 users and 1,000 active users per day, it is not much. It is probably the fact that BlackBerry doesn’t really allow you to change your price to free and back to paid again. I guess that is the main driving force of these kinds of apps.

But anyway, I was keeping it running for those that were still using it. However, after the saddening news of the Amazon Store integration in BB10 and the diminish of the actual BlackBerry World, I realized there is no real reason behind attending the web service and keeping the thing rolling. It’s a dead end.

So please take notice that Smart App Shopper will be pulled from BlackBerry World on July 17. After that you will not be able to download it, and those that have it installed will not be able to use it.

Thank you all for the support all this time!


FlyCraft Herbie: Crazy Machines Teaser [VIDEO]

So the new game is “FlyCraft Herbie: Crazy Machines”. It is a FlyCraft spin off where you get to fly some premade vehicles that were inspired by players creations.

Below you can see the small teaser I prepared just to get you started:

The game will be released some time next week on BlackBerry, iOS and Android. If you want to be notified about the release, please go ahead and sign up to the mailing list.

See you!


Pop Corny is the Free Game Of The Day!!!

Yeap! Thats right! Pop Corny if free today thanks to the kind people at OpenFeint’s – FGOTD.

Don’t waste time… get it and addict yourself!!! 😀

iTunes link:

Take a look at the new gameplay trailer as you download:


Status update for Pop Corny

Pheuuu! That was a long week that passed. Worked all day for most of the last days to get the update for Pop Corny ready, but I think that it was totally worth it.

Many things were added to the game since the last version 1.2, so much actually that this is called version 2.0! Players will enjoy new stages, new weapons, new bonuses, new objectives, new boxes, on and on. Beta testers were truly excited with it.

The update is now under review from Apple’s trusty reviewers, and I expect the update to be released on Friday. So hold tight.

At the moment I am creating a gameplay video that I will post the day the new release comes out, but I will stop now to go watch the million of dollars that Double Fine has made at They will have a live video stream from the offices as the kickstarter project comes to an end. (only 4 hours left).


Pop Corny is out!

I am proud to announce to you the release of my first game “Pop Corny”.

The game was released earlier today and the response was overwhelming! The game managed to hit #1 Top Paid Game on both iPhone and iPad in a few hours and #2 in Top Paid across all app categories on the Greek AppStore.

The reviews are all 5 stars until now, and players seem to totaly dig it! We hope you will like it, too!

You can get the game here if you like: Pop Corny for iOS


Pop Corny Trailer Released

Yesterday I released the teaser trailer for my upcoming game “Pop Corny”. The game is about to hit the AppStore and I really hope you like it!


My First Contribution to Django


about 2 weeks ago I created a multilingual version slugify for django! You can find the code here.

What is slugify? It the function that gets us from “This is my post” to “this-is-my-post” and its used widely on the web to make human friendly URLs, where the data are not accessed by their numerical ID but by the human readable “slug”.

Django provides a function to automatically create the slug from a phrase. However that only worked for English characters. Any extended character in unicode was ignored, which resulted in empty slugs if the language was other than English.

The “downcode” function I provided maps characters in other languages to English ones. Which allows to use the slygify function that comes with Django!