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We were slashdoted baby!!!

Woke up this Sunday morning to find out that the post I wrote some time ago about game scripting with stackless python was boldly enjoying a place at Slashdot‘s main page!

As you probably know slashdot is a huge traffic feeder and the web server was serving out pages like crazy!

I noticed that there was something different from the online users indicator at the Sylphis3D developer network that was showing a 1000-something users online! I suspected that something like that was happening and a check at the referrers proved it!

The good thing is that the server did it’s job. Using bittorrent for the video downloads proved a wise move.

Anyway it was nice to witness the /. effect from the inside for once! I was also pleased to see the positive response from the /. readers and the new bloggers out there that posted about the article on their blogs.

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