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Orientation Film One : The AutoSleep App

Ok, you must see this!

My dearest of friends, Thanasis Lightbridge, made this awesome cult retro film for AutoSleep.

It’s all there… secret laboratories, crazy vocals of rebelion, giant-reptiles-attacking-earth-style announcements, retro cinematography, wicked pyjamas, epic soundtrack, peaceful high pitch snoring … and many more! 😀 😀 😀

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Videoclip for Goddess released

I am so excited to inform you that the video clip I was talking about earlier was released! As I said the video clip was created to accommodate the release of the song “Goddess” as a single. This single is the first taste from the upcoming album “The Universe Expands” from Dol Theeta.

The whole thing was done in my beloved Blender3D with lots of hard work and patience!

Here is the Vimeo version, but make sure you enjoy the DVD quality version that is included in the actual CD single!



Trying out Twitter

Hola, my dear friends! I’m going to give Twitter a try after all… care to follow?

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Hollywood Directors Beware!

With great pleasure I inform you that my first video clip is complete! No I am not singing.. I just created the video for the upcoming single from Dol Theeta – the second brain child of Thanasis Lightbridge. Part of the three band project of his, of which we only experienced Dol Ammad until now. Judging from the single that I had the privilege to work with, the whole project is

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Farewell Anthony

Its been a week since my dear friend Anthony was forced out of this world by that cursed disease. Nothing is the same. The void is just to big to ever be filled.

Anthony was the kind of person that you meet only once. I can still remember the first time I meet him, the first day as a college student. Since that day we were unseparateble. Along with Bill and Sakis we spend countless hours discussing everything. We even published scientific papers. He was the true kind of hacker. He was hacking into everything.. How can I forget the time he got dizzy by a few glasses of wine more, and finding it a great opportunity to test his reflexes, etc. Anthony was also a big supporter of open source, which came from his general idealistic stand on everything. Anthony would never hurt a fly. I personally never saw him hurt an other being, not even accidentally. His humor was always caustic and smart. Even at his darkest moments we was able to satirize this position, his illness. Anyone that will read his blog will understand the power of his spirit and the wit of his mind.

His funeral was the last Tuesday. We were all there for the last goodbye. I was listening to all the priests praying to god to forgive his soul and it was the first time in my life I wanted to shout at them to stop. Anthony didn’t need that. There is nothing to forgive in Anthony and that can’t be more true.

I try to pretend that he never left. That is the only way I can deal with it. But I’m not always so good at it. Many times I find myself trying to phone him.. refreshing his blog page.. silence..

Well he is probably overwhelmed by the new possibilities of the world he moved to. Busy studying it and discovering it. I’m sure, until we meet again, heaven will run with cron jobs and python..

So long Anthony… so long…


My Brain is Blue ?!

Your Brain is Blue
Of all the brain types, yours is the most mellow.
You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don’t try to think away your troubles.
Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life.

What Color Is Your Brain?

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Nokia 6300 Can’t Use Bluetooth Handsfree

Crap! Remember my post the other day about the bluetooth handsfree (Nokia BH-700) I bought? It turns out that my Nokia 6300 has a major problem with bluetooth handsfrees.

At the beginning I thought it was the handsfree that had the problem but its the phone. From the time I started using it people was not able to hear me, sound was breaking

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iPhone and Usability

I was looking at all this ads and videos on YouTube about the iPhone and I must say it is a wonderful gadget! It surely can make gadgets freaks like me loose sleep. I would have stop sleeping until we have them in Greece, if I wasn’t precautions about the usability a touch screen can provide.

I switched away from my Ericsson P900 because of the touch screen. It is true what Steve Jobs said in the introduction of the iPhone that every app needs it own interface, and how a fixed keypad cat do that and that we solved that problem decades back with bit-mapped displays and mouses. But I think that a phone is a different


QoS in Technology Shops in Greece

Is it that the “technology shops” and mobile phone shops hire stupid employees or I’m just too weird in what I want?

This question always puzzles me. Whenever I get into shops like that I know that I’m going to get funny faces from the employees there, like I’m asking for alien technology or I’m a weirdo…

This time I wanted to buy a blue-tooth hands free for my nokia mobile. Starting to think about it, the first thing that came to my mind was that I will have one more charger! Terrible.. I hate chargers.. Mobile, Laptop, Camera, Video-camera, mp3 player all with different chargers! Packing for traveling becomes a nightmare. So I thought that nokia’s hands-frees will use the same charger