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The plague of PBuffer is lifted

I finally got the time to remove the PBuffer support from Sylphis! Since I simply hate BPuffer, I’ve been planning this for some time now, but I never got the courage to go through it since I don’t have much time lately.

The PBuffer was replaced by the new shiny extension EXT_framebuffer_object. The extension seems to work perfectly with the 5.9 ATI drivers I have on my ATI 9600. The only (expected) problem was the differences in the state keeping. With the PBuffer you have different contexts with each render target so the state is not shared. With the framebuffer objects the state is shared. That required some more changes but nothing big.

To tell you the truth I don’t see any performance improvements with the new extension but the code is much more readable and portable. No more messing with the windowing system to get a simple render target!

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