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Many times I try to understand what power does to people. Trying to see what is it that makes people desire it so much and what is that that makes those that gain it loose control of it.

That lack of control can be observed in any manifestation of power, from countries to their leaders, and from teachers to bosses. It seems that there is no one that can handle power. The only thing that changes is the amount of power, that affects how easily the effects of not having control are visible.

The problem originates in the fact that control requires power, and more power requires more control. So when someone has an amount of power, it will take a bit extra power to control it. If one starts out to gain power (for example knowledge) in order to be able to be wise and use power for what he thinks is proper, he is like a dog that is chasing its tail.

The goal will always be beyond grasp…

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