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Considering a licensing option for Sylphis3D

If you follow this blog for more that this post, you probably know the 3D game engine Sylphis3D. The engine itself is ranked at the high end engines of the times providing DOOM 3 equivalent capabilities. It was actually providing these capabilities for quite some time before DOOM 3 shipped. Anyway since until now I wasn’t able to dedicate myself to the development of Sylphis3D, but now things have changes. Since I got my Masters lately and student days are over, I consider things in a more professional way.

Working in a project like Sylphis3D full time is a hard job and to make it viable there must be a sort of income from it. So lately I’m considering some licensing plans for Sylphis3D. I have some things in my mind but nothing concrete until now. The goal is to be able to provide a simple non-restrictive licensing scheme with low price that will allow more developers to work on Sylphis3D with having access to private forums and bug tracking system. I would like to work closely with licensees in a way that it will benefit both them and Sylphis3D. The development will still be steered by me, but patches other developers would like to offer will be welcome…

So I suggest you stay tuned…

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