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Memories and the web-archive

I don’t know if you are familiar with the web archive. It is a site that archives the internet and allows users to view previous versions of websites or websites that no longer exist. I used it to digg my own website from when I was at the univesity. Check it out here

The last “news” on it are dated “22 Dec 2002”, and it was about when Sylphis3D got public! In the Development page you can see the projects I was on at that time. The 3D engine nicknamed The DUCK after the original test model I used. The Fire Temple demo. And then the brave ITT project, a 3D engine with full networking, shaders, mutiplayer, etc that used Quake 3 BSP files… It all seems so out of reach now and faded in memory that makes me nostalgic.

Ahh… those where the days!!!

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