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Nokia 6300 Can’t Use Bluetooth Handsfree

Crap! Remember my post the other day about the bluetooth handsfree (Nokia BH-700) I bought? It turns out that my Nokia 6300 has a major problem with bluetooth handsfrees.

At the beginning I thought it was the handsfree that had the problem but its the phone. From the time I started using it people was not able to hear me, sound was breaking with five bar of signal. I could hear then clearly tho. I suspected that there was a malfunction of the mic, but the fact that voice recognition was working fine all the time made me suspicious. So I recorded a conversation so that I can hear what is transmitted. It turns out that when I’m receiving sound my mic is muted! Its like a wakie-takie where when the other guy talks he cant here you. The problem was that the other person couldn’t hear me it there was noise in his environment. That noise coming to my phone mutes my mic! On the recording my voice was only heard between words the other end said. I tried the same thing using the handsfree with other phones and the handsfree works fine. I’m also using it with my computer and it works fine. Its the phone that has the problem.

I looked around at the internet for a solution and I only found an other report of the problem, but no solution. I’m going to the store again tomorrow to see if they will be able to resolve this issue. Possibly with a firmware update!

Murphy’s Laws… [sigh]

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