Open Source Programming

Quake III source to be released under the GPL

John Carmack noted at his QuakeCon speech that the source code of Quake III will be released next week!

Gamespy coverage

Even though Quake III is old technology (it is 5 years old) this is big news. A lot of hobby programmers will take it and push it to the limits, which is always fun to watch. Think of Tenebrae for example.

Programming Sylphis

Multithreaded Game Scripting with Stackless Python

The very basic problem that a creator of a game engine faces when it comes to scripting the game engine is: what will be the language that will be used. Of cource there is the option of creating a custom language for the purpose, but today with the plethora of scripting languages available it doesn’t really make sense to go through all the development process of a custom scripting language. No matter how big the development team will be, it will never be possible to match the man-months that have gone into an existing scripting language.

I will try to introduce the scripting language Python and more specifically a special version of it, the Stackless Python, as I used it in the implementation of the Sylphis3D Game Engine. For a basic introduction to game programming with python I suggest you try this book : Game Programming with Python.