3D reconstruction from photographs

I just realised that all this time I talk about my thesis, while I never took the time to describe what I am doing!

So in my masters thesis I try to do three-dimensional reconstruction. Actually I was trying, because now it works. The goal is to create 3D models of scenes from photographs. The idea was to take a couple of photographs of a statue (for example), pass them to a program, and let it give you a 3D mesh! It is basically a software replacement for a 3D scanner…

The system now works and I created such an application. More work is needed on the application to be used by other people, but the main functionality is there. Yes, yes… I might get to have new models in Sylphis3D this way! No need for artists! 😛 The system is implemented in Python and C++. For the GUI I use wxWidgets ad for the 3D displaying OpenGL is used.

I’m at the point of finishing writing the presentation of the work. The presentation is going to be in mid January. So wish me luck!

  • The Millitary do the same sort of thing using Lasers to feel the geometry. this program sounds sweet, tohugh! This will be a must-have addition to any 3d Animators toolbox! Can it do Concave objects?

  • It works on any type of object!

  • CLoudhunter

    Wow this sounds really great! Good luck with your thesis!

  • Joyce W


    I just stumbeled over this (via Google), I am working on an Archaeology project for the University of Heidelberg, and we try to get a 3D representation from old excavation photographs. Somone took photographs from different angles in the 1930s and we would like to display the trenches and finds in 3D, to give us some idea what the site looked like, as there is hardly any other information but the images.

    Could your programm do that?

    Greetings Joyce

  • Yeap! This is a common use of a system like mine…