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Got it!!!

The race is over! The exams (oups.. presentation) started at 13:30!! It was over at 15:00… This is one hour and a half! The outcome: Success!!! Finally my headaches are over. Now I have nothing to do, and I have to get used to it 😉 The image in the post is from the reconstructed […]

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Long pause…

Hey! I’m still alive! But a bit buried though… under tons of papers and articles. I know it hasn’t been an active bloging period lately, but I’m writing my master’s thesis now and I usually get so sick of writing, that is is impossible to write blog posts! Until I started writing the actual thesis […]

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Thank god there is Maple… I was trying to calculate the analytical derivatives of a big function today. My brain almost melted, so I found out we have Maple! It is excelent! It can calculate the analytical derivatives for any function… I had to calculate the Jacobian of derivatives for this function : (a*A + […]

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