Open Sourcing Progress Update

As an update, I inform you that I’m pasting the license on the source files and getting the release ready. I’m going to publish on the sourceforge site where the Sylphis Generalized Triangle optimizer is published at the CVS. The engine is going to be hosted using SVN. Maybe there will be downloadable versions too, but I’m not sure yet. So get your SVN clients ready…

… until then happy Easter people!!

  • Will Tremblay

    I’m so excited to get my hands on this :). Though, I still am unaware of any documentation. Is there any? Man, these features are amazing.

  • Not much doc unfortunately… I will write down some initial path to the source thou…

    Thank you for you good words 🙂

  • Will Tremblay

    No problem, still very excited for it without doc. I guess if a wiki is set up or something I could learn.

  • sergk

    My svn client always ready! =)

  • Alan Kligman

    Will the open source release include the C++ engine components (specifically the physics engine) as well?