Soldier! At ease!


Finally I am a free man! Yesterday, after one whole year, I completed my military service. I must say it was a long year. I try to remember the first day in the military camp one year ago and it kind of hard. I just remember the desperation of leaving all my life behind to goto something unknown. Family, friends, jobs, ambitions.. everything. I was feeling that I have nothing to do with guns and uniforms. Why should I be obligated to to this? It was unfair. Anyway even if I did serve most of my time near my hometown, the military service was a very upsetting time. It probably had to do with the sensation of slavery that the army gave me. It kind of hard to flush your personality down the toilet and be a dummy private at my age. It is also that I never felt that I was important there. That I was doing something useful. Unless if being a soldier means that you are the charlady of the army.

Anyway there where also good times. Fun times. And it gave me the chance to meet some very interesting people. People that now are very good friends of mine.. people I would never had the chance to meet otherwise. Of that, I’m happy…

Also as its in the nature of man to only keep the good times, feeling were stir up yesterday the moment we left camp. This is weird considering the million times that I cursed being in there. But that is the way it is…

Anyway am a citizen again! Good citizens to all other soldiers out there! Life is now ahead of us, lets make the best of it.

p.s. A big thank you to all those that put up with me the last year. Thank you for all the support, I needed it. And for those that couldn’t put up with it, no hard feelings. Its comprehended…

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  • Concratulations Harry! I managed to avoid military service (save for a few weeks), which I was very happy about.

  • noteventime

    So did I! 🙂 They even told me they didn’t want to have me, for “heal reasons”. I have still been no idea at all what those health reasons are (no exercise?).

  • You realize though that in Greece we have no room for this. Military service is mandatory and those avoiding it, unless they have some kind of ‘hekp’ from someone inside, are taken in by the military police ( and pay a fine i think )… anyway, still, military is a total loss of time in all levels. Hope when time comes for me, that i can pull off (code-wise) half of the things that Haris did. I’d b satisfied..

  • Congrats Harry! I know the feeling all to well. I spent a little under two years as an officer in the US Navy. However, I volunteered to join and volunteered to leave as well. 🙂 The military — no matter what country — is a very different culture and lifestyle. Even though my career was short lived — like you — I have some great memories and some not so great memories. Regardless, it’s nice to be free (citizen). I think that the time spent in the military definitely teaches you to appreciate the things you have in life.

  • (… in Greeglish) Opote eisai pali NEOS… POLITHS ! 😉

  • Greetings from 295 Lele (ΠΖ) Gamhse ta file, ena xrono kaneis to malaka ston ka8e agrammato… Tespa, ante kalh tyxh kai congrasts kai palh gia thn Sylphis …

  • zapper

    Welcome back to civilization Harry. Καλός πολίτης!

    Most people around the globe might not know that common Greek soldiers are youngsters that “dump” and “pause” their lives for 12 months of military services. This services are mandatory, and whoever refuse them, he can face the jail and pay thousands of euros as a fine.

    Keep walking Harry, don’t give up!

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