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F* the Police

Some things just make me mad! I got a speeding ticket today that I didn’t deserve. I was going with 60Km/h on a road with 2 lanes per direction and a separation barrier with a speed limit of 50Km/h !!! On a road like that its quite easy to pass 100km/h and still being safe. The limit gets to 120km/h 100m later. However the limit is there so that the police can collect funds for their far salaries…

It was 5min ago that I got out of a gas station having filled up my reservoir, having decided to start driving economically to see how many km I will be able to pull out of 44lt of gasoline. So no big accelerations and top speed of 100km/h. So the moment the cop signaled me to pull over I had my eyes on the counter. I was going with 60km/h with other drivers almost bulling at me for disrupting the flow. I pull over and the stupid cop tells me that I was going with 90km/h !!! After I picked up my jaw from the road, I tried to explain that that was impossible and this was all a mistake. The response was that I should stop or I will have my drivers license suspended! They finally gave me a ticket for speeding with 60km/h which is a 40 euro fine, and I should also thank them for begin so nice! This is ridiculous. I asked if the speed radar takes pictures as evidence, but no. Its the word of authority against a poor citizen and you can’t win. They would as easily say that I was speeding with 200km/h and have me arrested, take my license and my car. I couldn’t say otherwise! Isn’t this so democratic? Isn’t it so nice to live in the land that gave birth to democracy?

But its logical considering the fact at the block were about 10 cops… Its a job that can’t be done be two of them! Its obvious. They need to take turns to harassing good citizens, so they can rest. How will they ever rationalize their purpose? How is the state going to pay them all? With my money of course!


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