My Βabbler Coldfusion

If you where a compiler and you would like to express yourself about an index that was mistakenly out of bounds what would you say?

I would say something like this : – “Line 342 : Index out of bounds”

Read on to find out what Coldfusion would say!!!

In function ListGetAt(list, index [, delimiters]), the value of index, 1, is not a valid as the first argument (this list has 0 elements). Valid indexes are in the range 1 through the number of elements in the list.”


coldfusion, error message

  • Wow, talk about a descriptive error message!

    I guess they made it that long to make it absolutely clear that their array indexes start at 1 and not at 0.

    But what kind of person would start indexing at 1? That’s like screaming, helLO, you skipped an element!

    (What kind of person would use Coldfusion anyway…) 😛

  • This is what I have to go thought to earn the bread on my table, sugar! I can’t get over the 1 as the first element.. brings back so many bad memories from Pascal! [sigh]

    (I keep asking the same question! and hope my bo$$ is not reading this blog…)