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QoS in Technology Shops in Greece

Is it that the “technology shops” and mobile phone shops hire stupid employees or I’m just too weird in what I want?

This question always puzzles me. Whenever I get into shops like that I know that I’m going to get funny faces from the employees there, like I’m asking for alien technology or I’m a weirdo…

This time I wanted to buy a blue-tooth hands free for my nokia mobile. Starting to think about it, the first thing that came to my mind was that I will have one more charger! Terrible.. I hate chargers.. Mobile, Laptop, Camera, Video-camera, mp3 player all with different chargers! Packing for traveling becomes a nightmare. So I thought that nokia’s hands-frees will use the same charger with the mobile phone, especially now that nokia changed their charger plug with a very tiny one. However I wanted to be sure before I buy because nokia’s accessories are a bit more expensive.

It seems that after all the obvious question for me was totally incomprehensible for the people at Germanos, Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind etc… Yes I went to all the shops trying to find the answer to question : “Does this nokia hands-free use the standard nokia mobile phone charger?”. The faces I faced ranged from terrified (oh! my god! This was not it the 20 answers they told me to learn) to degrading (what? are you stupid this of course comes with its own charger in the box!). No one seemed to have the answer to my question. It seemed like I had stumbled in some space-time-nokia-mobile uncertainty that top scientists try to solve and no mortal customer is supposed to ask.

So I ask myself.. how is it possible to work in a mobile phone shop for more than one month and never notice that the charger in nokia hands free is the SAME charger nokia uses for the phones!? No one noticed that… in the whole city.. from salesmen(boys) to technicians… this is not by chance! This is against entropy.. this requires effort… This stores for sure have screening processes for hiring staff… They will only hire retired people that will be more than satisfied with $400/month..

All theories about how today, the good quality of service is the only way for a company to survive, fail miserable in this little corner of the earth called Greece…

Anyway I used common sense and bought the BH-700. It uses the same charger with my phone after all! No need to carry an extra charger…

Happy End!!

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