Picasa with Facial Recognition

According to this post at CNET Google has implemented facial recognition in to the latest version of their photo management software Picasa!

Finally! I always loved to be able to search photos by people, but tagging all of your photos can bring you close to madness!

p.s. Only wait until they use this technology on the search engine… it will be too powerful, and will cause a lot of talking, I think..

  • Sir Kevin McDonald

    Actually, face recognition can be used in the image search results of Google: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20070530-facial-recognition-slipped-into-google-image-search.html

  • In 5 years from now we will be able to do this search : “harry kalogirou age<25” And it will find all pictures of me, taken when I was younger than 25!

    Creepy Cool! 😀

  • I have tried the new Picasa (love it and use it all the time).

    Face recognition works, however it cannot find all the faces. I don’t know why but it misses some of them, even the ones that are relatively easy to distinguish from the background.