My First Contribution to Django


about 2 weeks ago I created a multilingual version slugify for django! You can find the code here.

What is slugify? It the function that gets us from “This is my post” to “this-is-my-post” and its used widely on the web to make human friendly URLs, where the data are not accessed by their numerical ID but by the human readable “slug”.

Django provides a function to automatically create the slug from a phrase. However that only worked for English characters. Any extended character in unicode was ignored, which resulted in empty slugs if the language was other than English.

The “downcode” function I provided maps characters in other languages to English ones. Which allows to use the slygify function that comes with Django!

  • maria

    just perfect 😉

  • COOL

  • jk

    that’s great. i’m glad to find you’re a djangonaut. Is sylphis still alive? That’s the real reason I keep coming here. Thanks.

  • Hi Harry,

    We all miss you at Slyphis3D !

    Really would appeciate if you could say something about:

    • The algorithms Sylphis3D uses for collisions and rigid body constraints. The demo avi’s show rock solid physics, that look better than some dedicated packages like Bullet.

    • Are the binaries for these demos downloadable anywhere?

    One day when I have some time, I will try to resurrect the Linux version. If I manage to do this, I will be happy to share.

    Sorry about posting here – don’t know any other way to post to you.