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River Party

Yesterday I got back from the river party at Nestorio/Kastoria. It is a 4 day party at the banks of the river Aliakmonas. It is a beautiful place, not the best that I have seen but quite nice. The whole event was a big adventure with a lot of rain on Friday and specially on Friday night. It was terrible. The tents was filled with water, there was nothing dry to sit on and the consents scheduled for Friday was canceled 30 mins after starting, letting people in the rain. I was literally wet to the bone. Thankfully, a friend is from Nestorio and offered us the cover of her house for the night.

The next day was mostly sunny and Saturday really made up for Friday. The concert was big fun, even with people throwing beers at each other! The night was cold. It was about 10C out there and we could see our breaths coming out of our mouths, with most of us in summer clothes! We ended up around fires, talking the night away. The overall experience was very good as I certainly enjoy meeting new people and there was a lot of people to meet!

Hope to be able to get there next year too…

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