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OpenGL render to texture problems

The time 1:52 in the morning and I just had those “OpenGL” moments again! It seems that the nightmare will never end. An other problem with RTT came up. As you know Sylphis3D uses the stencil shadow method, and therefore needs a stencil buffer. Now that I am implementing high dynamic range (HDR) rendering, I need to render the scene to a floating point framebuffer object and not on the screen… guess what… with OpenGL you can’t have a full framebuffer object with color, depth and stencil buffers!!!

The implementation was giving me “incomplete fbo” when depth and stencil was on. I googled around and found that this problem is in fact true! This simple thing is not available for OpenGL! There is an extension (GLEXTpackeddepthstencil) to make it posible and its only implemented by nVidia. I mean for show mercy on us! With this ever stop? I have no clue when is ATI going to support this, so I’m stuck with a non-working HDR impementation.

Ofcource I don’t have to mention that this is standard for D3D, and works the same way for all 3D accelerators!

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