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Washing the car after 4 months

Of cource you know Murphy’s Laws about washing your car. I tell you they are all true.

You see I decided to wash my car after 4 months (yeap, you couldn’t tell the color any more…). The sunshine was wonderfull, the temperature 30 C… what can be a better day to wash your car?

So after I washed it and while I was burst with pride about how shiny it was, a little bird did some chicken shit on it! I wasn’t under a tree, the bird dropped it while flying! Anyway I washed it and continued to clean the inside. So while inside the car and with the sun in my eyes I saw drops of rain on the wind shield! I sticked my head out for the door to see a black cloud just over my head! Murphy’s laws!

I called some friends that live in other sides of the city and it was only rainning at my place! Anyway the wash wasn’t all wasted efford since the car is in a much better state now…

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