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First there was DOOM 3, then Quake 4 and now Prey

This really starts to get interesting…

First there was DOOM 3, then there was Quake 4. You could easily say that Quake 4 was an expansion to DOOM 3. In graphics terms I really couldn’t tell the difference. And I don’t mean technology, it was like they used the same textures. The two games looks so similar, that you really wonder if it was a design choise made by Id. I actually looked at the credits to see if at least the texture artists where the same… Then Pray came along…

Just watch the trailer and tell me that you can’t misstake it for DOOM 3. I didn’t know that is was based on DOOM 3 technology, but I checked after I saw the trailer. It is… What is this thing? Is it the engine that makes it look like that? If I do a map for DOOM will it look like DOOM 3? I really wonder! I mean yes, it is true that the engine supports a very specific rendering shader, with little room for using different types of lighting/surface models, but does that result in such a similarity in all these games?

I will look to see what other games are in the making and use the DOOM 3 engine… its interesting!

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