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Dol Ammad – Ocean Dynamics

I normally don’t write posts about music. But this is going to change. The last months I got to know a briliantly talented and gifted person : Thanasis Lightbridge. Thanasis is a music composer, producer, keyboardist and drummer. He and his band, Dol Ammad, are trying to create a new music gender. Something that tries to bridge electronica, metal and lyric opera. Even though I must confess that I’m not really fond of metal music, I just got impressed by the latest album by Dol Ammad, Ocean Dynamics. I mean you got to listen to what an Indie music producer can create (that should also be a guide in my indie game quests with Sylphis3D).

I mean you just have to listen to the 14 member classical choir dancing through the sounds of Thanasis’ synthesizers, obeying to the drumming of Alex Holzwarth. Just listen to the Aquatic Majesty with DC Cooper singing… such a concrete epic sounding result. I also liked Descent and Lava a lot. I just don’t know what it is, but sometimes Thanasis’ music rings some bells of good old game music in me.

I consider the Ocean Dynamics one of the best uses of my euros on music… well done!

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