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Trip to Thessaloniki

This weekend I went to Thessaloniki. I have lots of good friends there that is always a pleasure to visit. This time I also got the time to go meet with Thanasis Lightbridge. How can I describe it? Some people have some kind of magic surrounding them. A kind of positive aura that can’t go by unnoticed. For those that don’t know Thanasis, he is the man behind the Dol Ammad and Dol Theeta bands, and the father of a new music genre that he describes as Electronica Art Metal. He managed to successfully blend synthesizers with metal drumming and symphonic elements in a mind blowing way that was never done before.

Anyway from my last visit to Thessaloniki I got to realize that nothing is based on luck. Nothing. Period. Late at Saturday night Thanasis picked me up with his car and we headed up to a high point over the city from where you can see the whole city under your feet. An amazing view. We there had a conversation that really changed my perspective on many things. I really think I took a perceptive look into the future. Meeting such personas can be mind shaping and causes you to rethink and recount many aspects of your life. Put the puzzle pieces together in a way you never thought was possible before. Its not by luck that this man started out in his room composing music, to now own his own studio and recording label, with people worshiping him all over the world. Its not by luck that without a heavy industry backing him up and brainwashing the masses, people get obsessed and start buying the CDs again and again and then again the mp3s from iTunes, like they couldn’t just grab it from the CD! This is more than music…

All that seems so odd to hear about, but it all becomes clear the moment you meet with him. It makes sense. He is one of the people that can point the finger and make you travel where they point. No words can really describe it. I’m just glad that I went to Thessaloniki this weekend! I even got to hear tracks from the new unreleased album from Dol Theeta 😀 I’m blessed!!!. Thanasis is at the mixing and mastering stage of the album at the moment and spends about a week on mixing each track! Some peoples attention to detail is admirable! But then again attention to detail is what makes the difference. I have also took a peep at the artwork for the album.. amazing! There are some prints of the artwork pined at the walls of the studio and it makes everyone that pass by in apprehensive to pick their jaws of the floor! From what he told me the artwork is make by some really cool artist from France…

I can’t really wait for the new album… space on Thanasis!!!

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