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Meet Maya!

I would like to introduce you to my little dog! So people meet Maya. I always wanted to have a dog and now I got the chance. Maya is a female English Cocker Spaniel puppy. Ever since Maya came to our home everything started to revolve around it. Actually you can’t do elsewise. It is so small and fragile that need attention all the time. However it get everyone to it without and hasle. Most of my family is now just spending their days taking care of it. Actually the first days where a mess with Maya peeing all over the place, diving in its meal and making everything a mess.. along with other beautiful things. However it is becoming more of a lady day by day 🙂 It even stopped steping on its feet and falling over all the time.. but it is so adorable that you can do nothing but just laught with every little thing it does! Maya is 50 days old today! Got to go now… got to play with little Maya…


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