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My nVidia 7600 Runs With a Carburetor

As the days get colder and colder I’m starting to have a problem with my video card. Yes I know that sound controversial, since it should be the other way around, but its true. It seems that my nVidia 7600 based card is like the old carburetor based cars that don’t run good until the engine is at the running temperature. I don’t know how many of you had the experience of driving a car without fuel injection with a cold engine, but it is like driving a car with hiccups!!

Anyway the problem with my video card is that when it is cold there is a bug that makes the driver think that the card has the power connector unplugged. So a stupid message comes up saying “..NVIDIA System Sentinel is reporting that the NVIDIA-powered graphics card is not receiving sufficient power..”. And the driver opens about 30 windows with this message! Ridiculous.. I try to close them but an other extra 30 windows open! This goes on until the card gets warm and then it stops.

No matter how I tried to find a way to overcome the problem, I wasn’t able to find a solution. I thought there was at least a registry key to disable this. According to some forums there is no such key. And there is no solution from nVidia, too.

The solution I have for now is simple… and borrowed from my dads old car. I start up my PC and leave it for 1-2min at the boot loader. When the video card is finaly warm I let the system continue with the boot!

The only problem is that as winter is coming the warm up time gets longer and longer 😀 … what can I say.. computers are the weirdest thing in the universe. (you know next to women)

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