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Ray Tracing into a Sparse Voxel Octree

And just when you thought you were through with tracing things all over the place… John Carmack strikes back with a mortal blow with something about ray tracing into a sparse voxel octree!!

The article doesn’t really say much (nothing actually) about the algorithm, and this is where the fun/fuss starts! I can’t wait to see all the amazing/crazy ideas people from all over world will come up with, about what John is actually talking about. Plots over plots will emerge.. flames..

One part that is so standard is the fact that John said he tried this algorithms some years back, even in software rendering… If you look back at when he first mentioned this thoughts about megatexturing you will probably be surprised. It was before Quake 3 was released! I mean this guy is like having a pool of ideas figured out and just sit and wait for the right time to implement.

So let there be fully virtualized geometry.. … done!

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