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Flappy Herbie Saga: Trolls of the Forest

Flappy Herbie: Trolls of the Forest iconFlappy Bird did it. The most simple game ever build at the top of every AppStore. How frustrating can that be to big game development companies that put hundreds of thousands of dollars into developing and marketing their games? It is so funny to follow this industry. You can never predict the future.

I was feeling so psyched about it! I needed to mock it, understand it, troll it, test it, everything at the same time. So my creative juices started boiling again, and I decided that I had to make a game that will express all that. Everything in it should be trolling some part of the situation. The game itself, the gamers, the appstores, the clone haters. So starting from the game name you can begin to understand what is going on. “Flappy Herbie Saga: Trolls of the Forest”. I used to name my games with short names. Not anymore. The game is also SO hard that it provides Zen relaxation services to the gamer for free. Even though I was tempted to make it a paid service at some point just to meta-troll it. When you feel frustrated by the game you can read beatiful Zen calming quotes, while listening to nice relaxing music. I am not going to dive into all satire points in the game as I will ruin it, but you will get the point for sure.

I had to make it in 1-2 days.

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How the world looks with different app stores

Below are the revenue maps for my apps, from Apple App Store and BlackBerry World.


Revenue Map for Apple App Store
Revenue Map for Apple App Store


Revenue Map for BlackBerry World
Revenue Map for BlackBerry World

As you can see with Apple the US is king, while with BlackBerry the king is Canada.

Hint: Combine the two and you got the whole north america 😉


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Happy birthday Herbie!

It is amazing how fast time can fly… is was exactly one year ago when FlyCraft was released on BlackBerry World. Herbie is turning one year old today! So much has happened in the past twelve months that sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that it was just one year ago today that Herbie did it’s debut flight.

And how we got to that day? The long month before the release. From the introduction to the October Challenge crowd, to some halfway progress report, to the actual revealing of our hero ladybug Herbie and finally the victorious release post. It was unforgettable times, that could only be topped by what happened after the release. It was crazy, the game was a success we never anticipated. FlyCraft managed to be “Game of the year” and then be everywhere in BlackBerry, from forums, to news, to conferences, to TV. It was a rollercoaster! Thank you everybody for this!

Late in January 2013, Thanasis Lightbridge withdrew from the project to focus his powers on his third and dark side music project that he recently revealed to the public. Despite this big loss development continued on the game, by bringing it to Z10 (and later to the square screen of the Q10 and Q5), bringing in replays, and an online system to publish and browse flight replays from all over world, and the organization of a championship with great prizes.

So what is on the timeline from now on you ask? Well, after the Herbie birthday cake we are cutting tomorrow with close friends, I am very excited to announce that FlyCraft will be coming to iPhone and iPad! Yes, thats right. Your voices are finally heard. I don’t want to hear another complaint about!

Right now the game can already run on the device, but needs some more work to polish it and make sure everything works as expected on fruit devices. If you are interested in the progress, or you want to be one of the few lucky beta testers, please be free to signup here:

I will start to send non public info on the progress and you will get to be one of the firsts to be notified its out.

So let see what this new year will bring! Happy birthday Herbie!

p.s. As a way to share the celebration with you, the price of FlyCraft was dropped to just $0.99… forever! Get it here. 😉



The numbers: The BlackBerry World and S4BB

A “scandal” hit the news recently that caused a lot of discussion and even BlackBerry itself was forced to publicly respond. I am not talking about anything else than the S4BB story about the 47000+ it has published in the BlackBerry World store.

Since I have recently created an infrastructure that monitors the BlackBerry World for my SmartAppShopper app, I am in the position to have good insight of what is going on in the store. So how many apps does S4BB precisely have on the store? Are all apps for BlackBerry 10? What is the average rating of those apps? What is the distance in number of apps from the second most “productive” vendor? Brace!

It turns out that S4BB is one of the oldest vendor in BlackBerry world. Its ID is just 102. So there must be many apps from S4BB that are from the pre BlackBerry 10 era. Lets see how that looks.