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Hollywood Directors Beware!

With great pleasure I inform you that my first video clip is complete! No I am not singing.. I just created the video for the upcoming single from Dol Theeta – the second brain child of Thanasis Lightbridge. Part of the three band project of his, of which we only experienced Dol Ammad until now. Judging from the single that I had the privilege to work with, the whole project is coming along really nicely.

Of course as you might expect since I am no professional, the video does not exactly match the quality of the actual musical material.. Neither less Thanasis is still going to include it in the single and that is so cool. Its like getting more than I deserve for a change.

But that is not the only reason I am so excited. If you know me, you probably know my involvement with open source software. I believe most of the people reading me will be glad to know that the whole video was done in Blender3D! It was the first time I used Blender so extensively and the only thing I can say is that now I love it more.. I did all modeling, post processing, compositing and sequencing in it, and even if it might not aways be such a heaven to use, it certainly gets the job done!

I am going to get back at you with more info as soon as possible…

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