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Status update for Pop Corny

Pheuuu! That was a long week that passed. Worked all day for most of the last days to get the update for Pop Corny ready, but I think that it was totally worth it.

Many things were added to the game since the last version 1.2, so much actually that this is called version 2.0! Players will enjoy new stages, new weapons, new bonuses, new objectives, new boxes, on and on. Beta testers were truly excited with it.

The update is now under review from Apple’s trusty reviewers, and I expect the update to be released on Friday. So hold tight.

At the moment I am creating a gameplay video that I will post the day the new release comes out, but I will stop now to go watch the million of dollars that Double Fine has made at They will have a live video stream from the offices as the kickstarter project comes to an end. (only 4 hours left).

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