GMail Themes

Google, Inc.Google added themes to GMail! You can access it under the tab “Themes” in the settings.

(It might not be enabled yet for some users)

Very nice! 😀


Symfony, Ruby on Rails and Django : The unsual review (Part 2)

[This is the second part of this post]

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Getting back from Symfony to Ruby-on-Rails was a big relief! There is no comparison between Ruby and PHP. Anything said on the matter is wasted. Anyway since I had my troubles solved by the hosting company, now I had my first RoR application running on the server. Then I tried to elaborate it, and like immediately found a problem. The problem was internationalization(i18n)! It seems that Rails was not developed with i18n in mind from the beginning and its current version does not support it! You have to hack your way to it. In my mind i18n is a big and necessary feature for web. After all it is the World Wide Web! It turns out that Rails has a major problem with i18n what goes down to the language itself. Ruby does not support unicode for string representation. (actually it does but with the use of a module, not natively). However in version 2.2 of Rails, which is currently the edge version, they included basic i18n support. This meant that I had to use the “unstable” branch of Rails – which I did! Checked out the way i18n support was implemented and found it very basic. This is by design. The developers of Rails want


Symfony, Ruby on Rails and Django : The unsual review (Part 1)

Ruby on RailsI spent the last week trying out web frameworks. I thought it was time to move on from my own hacked PHP scripts to something more elaborate. The first framework I was really eager to checkout was ofcourse the under every stone Ruby on Rails! The main reason was all the talks about it, along with the fact that I was very interested in the Ruby language.

I started by installing Ruby and then Rails on my system, and started following the famous Rails screencasts. I was going to create a Weblog application in 15min! So exciting! Unfortunately it just didn’t happen. Things started to get a bit hairy. It seems that there was a huge difference in the version the screencaster was using the version I was using. In version 2.0 of Rails the creators decided to change the scaffolding technique completely. So now you can’t follow the screencast. It is also very hard to find a tutorial to get you started, not to mention a good tutorial!

All in all I also completely scanned the internet for information but I didn’t find very good sources of info. The main site , other that the screencasts, has the Rails API documentation which is obviously not the way to start! I turned to books. The “Agile Web Development with Rails” I learned about Rails through that, even if that is also for the old version of Rails.

But going all over the internet, I got to find out about Zed Shaw.


The Google When it All Started

Google 1998

I was looking for older versions of my home page in the web archive when it occurred to me that I can’t remember how the Google search page looked when the project started! So I hit and traveled back to 1998!

I had forgot how the web looked back in 1998… No CSS, no fancy layouts, images and graphics. Just simple HTML with a few images.


Hackers attack Large Hadron Collider

It seems that hackers started to attack the everywhere-in-the-news-collider! According to this article they successfully managed to crack the web site!

The headline of the site sponsored : “GST: Greek Security Team”, which advertises


Picasa with Facial Recognition

According to this post at CNET Google has implemented facial recognition in to the latest version of their photo management software Picasa!

Finally! I always loved to be able to search photos by people, but tagging all of your photos can bring you close to madness!

p.s. Only wait until they use this technology on the search engine… it will be too powerful, and will cause a lot of talking, I think..

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NVIDIA to Acquire AGEIA Technologies

According to this press release, nVidia will acquire Ageia Technologies. Yeap! The well known physics software and hardware vendor. In my mind this means that the future nVidia based accelerators will support physics acceleration, too. It will basically mean the death of the PhysX processor, since the GPU can do that easily with no extra cost.

Actually the PPU solution was never to work. I find it quite hard to believe people would ever

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Farewell Anthony

Its been a week since my dear friend Anthony was forced out of this world by that cursed disease. Nothing is the same. The void is just to big to ever be filled.

Anthony was the kind of person that you meet only once. I can still remember the first time I meet him, the first day as a college student. Since that day we were unseparateble. Along with Bill and Sakis we spend countless hours discussing everything. We even published scientific papers. He was the true kind of hacker. He was hacking into everything.. How can I forget the time he got dizzy by a few glasses of wine more, and finding it a great opportunity to test his reflexes, etc. Anthony was also a big supporter of open source, which came from his general idealistic stand on everything. Anthony would never hurt a fly. I personally never saw him hurt an other being, not even accidentally. His humor was always caustic and smart. Even at his darkest moments we was able to satirize this position, his illness. Anyone that will read his blog will understand the power of his spirit and the wit of his mind.

His funeral was the last Tuesday. We were all there for the last goodbye. I was listening to all the priests praying to god to forgive his soul and it was the first time in my life I wanted to shout at them to stop. Anthony didn’t need that. There is nothing to forgive in Anthony and that can’t be more true.

I try to pretend that he never left. That is the only way I can deal with it. But I’m not always so good at it. Many times I find myself trying to phone him.. refreshing his blog page.. silence..

Well he is probably overwhelmed by the new possibilities of the world he moved to. Busy studying it and discovering it. I’m sure, until we meet again, heaven will run with cron jobs and python..

So long Anthony… so long…

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My Î’abbler Coldfusion

If you where a compiler and you would like to express yourself about an index that was mistakenly out of bounds what would you say?

I would say something like this : – “Line 342 : Index out of bounds”

Read on to find out what Coldfusion would say!!!


Video Tutorials About Saving Time

Today I came across the site Its about saving time from little tasks that you do on everyday life, like taking off a t-shirt or pealing an egg.

The usefulness factor ranges a bit but most of the videos are beyond funny!