Carnival of Game Programming : No 1

Welcome to the first Carnival of Game Programming! This carnival is about anything that game programming can involve. It was announced about a month ago, with the goal to collect a number of good articles and posts about game programming in general. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to properly advertise the carnival and the submitions were only a few. Lets make sure that the next carnival will have more articles in it! If you have a good article about game programming what you would like to be included in the next issue of the carnival, please submit it here

Jochen De Schepper wonders in a Shakespearic fasion To Flash Or Not To Flash? in his post at Dark Moon Blog. Jochen post is about Flash vs Java+LWJGL for inbrowser games and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

Jesus de Santos presents Load-In-Place posted at EntBlog. The article presents a serialization framework that is used for quick loading of data from disk directly to data structures in memory, giving exceptional loading time.

Last comes an article by me(!) about how to do good bloom for HDR rendering, which is basicaly about creating efficient blur filters with big kernels.

That’s it for the first carnival of game programming! Even if the article count is low, the content is of good value and that is what counts. Let wish for the next carnival to have more good articles like these!!

Happy coding!!!

  • Harry, this is good stuff! I didn’t get a chance to contribute as I’ve been pretty busy lately — and my most recent posts have been really basic (i.e. not worth mentioning). Anyway, thanks for organizing this and I’ll shoot to be more of a participant at some point in the future!


  • Thanks Brian! Waiting for your contribution in CGP No 2 !!! 🙂

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  • Marlin Thompson

    I am sorry to hear you are not going to publish another carnival. I only just now discovered it – and I thought I knew about most such forums… If you are considering another one, please count on my support.

  • There will be an new carnival when there are enough submitions. The carnival is not canseled… it is just portponed…