Videoclip for Goddess released

I am so excited to inform you that the video clip I was talking about earlier was released! As I said the video clip was created to accommodate the release of the song “Goddess” as a single. This single is the first taste from the upcoming album “The Universe Expands” from Dol Theeta.

The whole thing was done in my beloved Blender3D with lots of hard work and patience!

Here is the Vimeo version, but make sure you enjoy the DVD quality version that is included in the actual CD single!


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Muse at Athens – Terra Vibe

Ok.. Muse at Athens. This is something I was waiting(dreaming) for! The band will be appearing at Terra Vibe on the 4th of October. This is just north of Athens (30km) and a lot southern from where I live (300km). The road is open and the car is full of gas… Muse here I come, ready for some serious rocking… Especially after the cancellation of the long awaited Smashing Pumpkins concert…

So anyone else coming??

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The Last Drive

The Last Drive @ Larissa

Even if Greece is full of rock bands, there are very little that get international attension. One such band is the The Last Drive. The Last Drive is actually a very old band that formed in 1983 and played until 1995 when they broke up. However the band reunited in January and announced that there will be curtain gigs around Greece and abroad! I was quite happy to be in the one held at my hometown! The band rocked!!! As an introduction to my flickr page I added some pictured from the gig that a good friend managed to take! If you like garage rock and rock in general give this band a listen. Below are some usefull sites :

The Last Drive Unofficial The Last Drive on mySpace

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Dol Ammad – Ocean Dynamics

I normally don’t write posts about music. But this is going to change. The last months I got to know a briliantly talented and gifted person : Thanasis Lightbridge. Thanasis is a music composer, producer, keyboardist and drummer. He and his band, Dol Ammad, are trying to create a new music gender. Something that tries to bridge electronica, metal and lyric opera. Even though I must confess that I’m not really fond of metal music, I just got impressed by the latest album by Dol Ammad, Ocean Dynamics. I mean you got to listen to what an Indie music producer Continue reading