Open Sourcing Progress Update

As an update, I inform you that I’m pasting the license on the source files and getting the release ready. I’m going to publish on the sourceforge site where the Sylphis Generalized Triangle optimizer is published at the CVS. The engine is going to be hosted using SVN. Maybe there will be downloadable versions too, but I’m not sure yet. So get your SVN clients ready…

… until then happy Easter people!!

nVidia unveils CUBA – The GPU Computing Revolution

In a recent press release nVidia anounced CUBA. A fundamentaly new architecture for GPU computing that will finally remove the stream computing paradigm!

This is like my previous post about gpus and the programming model was read by nVidia! Imagine we will finally be able to harvest the powers of modern GPUs for general computing, without having to mess with vertex buffer, textures and other nonsense!

Good days ahead!!!

Carnival of Game Programming

I would like to inform you that the Carnival of Game Programming was started at Blog Carnival. The goal is to have host a carnival each month (given that there are enough good articles).

What is the Carnival of Game Programming?

The Carnival of Game Programming collects together links pointing to blog articles about game programming and works like a magazine. Each edition is a special blog article that consists of links to all the contributions that have been submitted, often with the editors opinions or remarks.

 Submit articles about game programming

I call you to submit articles for the first Carnival of Game Programming that will be hosted here at Thought Serializer. So if you have a post about game programming in general please submit it here. The post/article should be about programming languages, scripting, networking, 3d graphics, 3d hardware, 3d programming APIs, algorithms, AI, sound, physics, collision detection or any other aspect of game programming.

I’m looking forward for your articles!

Ruby and the don’t speek of the devil culture

As a constantly inquiring mind I don’t seem to rest with programming languages. As you know when the hype got me I took a look at the Ruby language. I was really impressed by the carry out of the project and the rails concept was exceptional. However while focused on the Rails framework and the 10m tutorials that require minimal coding, I actually didn’t learn a lot about the language itself. Not until last week that I got some free time to invest in learning Ruby. The outcome was : Continue reading

WordPress upgraded and new theme

Today I got in the mood of upgrading. Until now I was running WordPress 1.5 on this website. As you understand it was starting to get in the way since all new plugins (and new versions of old ones) where done for version 2.0. So I took the bold step to upgrade a live site (all the required finger crossing was done). Many of you probably noticed the downtime. Anyway the whole process was a success and I we had no loss!

In the process of upgrading I also changed themes! I was kind of bored with the old one. What do you think of the new one?