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Stackless Python presentation

Kristján Jónsson from CCP Games did a presentation about their use of Stackless python in their MMORPG game. The use of Stackless in EVE Online is very close to the use of Stackless in Sylphis so I recomment it as a good reading along with my post about stackless. The presentation can be downloaded from this link

The out line of the presentation is this:

- Introduction
- Eve Online
- Overview
- History
- Game architecture
- Stackless Python
- Tasklets, channels
- What does "stackless" mean?
- The current Stackless model.
- Stackless in Eve
- The main loop
- Example python code:
- Extending into C
- Examples: How Stackless, Python and C interact:

- Conclusion

What can I say… Stackless ROCKS!!!

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