Sylphis3D now uses Stackless Python 2.4

Yesterday I upgraded the Stackless Python used in Sylphis3D. Until now I was using version 2.2. This was a bit outdated since the latest Stackless Python was 2.3. I was quite happy with 2.2 and had no problems at all, so I wasn’t considering to upgrade. But now that 2.4 was out (thanks to CCP Games), I thought it was time to try upgrading. I was a bit anxious about how it was going to go, and I had my finger on the svn revert in the case the smallest thing went wrong, since I had other things to attend at in Sylphis3D at this time. Luckily the upgrade had no rough points, and the thing worked like a breeze… only with a python DLL of double size 🙁

Sylphis3D, Stackless, Python, CCP games

  • Mincetro

    Does the new Stackless have any major improvments over the 2.2 version? I can’t find a changelog on the site.

  • The Stackless ported to python 2.4.2 is Stackless version 3.1, which is a quite complicated merger between the 1.0 and 2.0 designes, supporting both cooperative switching and stack switching, with the addition of partially complete support for real OS threads as a tasklet.