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The wait is over… Sylphis3D is open source!

I just release the source to Sylphis3D! Check out the story at the Developer Network.

The wait is over! Sylphis3D is officially released under the GNU GPL ver.2 (with the classpath exception for those that need closed source solutions). The engine weights at around 45000 lines of source code written in C++ and Python. The source code can be obtained from the download page of the [ project page]( Latter on the source will be added to the subversion repository for easier access. The source code compiles under Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. The makefiles and sconsturct files, for compiling with GCC, are out of date. However the mapcompiler is up to date. The source would compile out of the box. To run the engine you require the runtime environment that is in the runtime/ folder. After compilation the generated sylphis.exe and should be placed in the runtime/ and runtime/system/ folders. You should be able to run the engine after that. To load the example map use : sylphis -map maptest.cmap At the downloads page you can also download the binary version compiled on my system. I hope that you will find the source useful and valuable. It certainly has some ruff parts, especially due to the fact that I release a version that has gone under great changes without having the time to iron out all the problems. On the other hand most of it is well written and contains programming gems that are rare to find… For any questions please feel free to join the forums and discuss it…

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