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Beta testers on Android wanted – Ask inside

Pop Corny on Android Sony Xperia X10 Mini

If you follow me online you probably know that the last weeks I have been porting Pop Corny to Android. I can say that it is a great experience and I myself can’t wait to put it out there. I am also going to blog about my experience and will try to provide any valuable information about the process. However the plague of Android that hears to the name “fragmentation” is creeping in, and I need your help to fight it!

Yes that is right, if you have and Android device you can be my soldier. Do you have what it takes? Are you prepared to suffer finger damage from extreme screen swiping? Do you know the history of pop corn? Are you prepared to play a game that will probably crash every 5 minutes and not throw the device out of the window? You do?! Just register on the form and I will contact you with more details:


To tell you the truth this is going to be more of an ALPHA-BETA testing phase as I don’t have an Android device myself. I did try out 2-3 real devices but it is quite likely to take some time until I can have a stable beta running on most devices. This will require patience on your side. If you are not interested yourself, tell a friend. I will need all the help I can get! If you also happen to have an old device (new ones will do too! 😀 ) that you don’t mind sacrificing in the name of game development, I would gladly accept it as a testing device, and you would gain a special place in the game’s credits and more importantly in my heard. For this contact my directly at my email: harkal at gmail dot com.

Lets get it started!!

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