Church at Tsepelovo

Living in Ioannina has many privileges. One of them is that the city is actually build in nature. The city is surrounded by forests and it also has a beautiful lake. A lot of magical locations are also within reach. One of these places is Zagorohoria. Zagorohoria is a network of 46 villages in the north east of Ioannina. The villages are small and build in the forests, high on the mountains. The houses are all build with stone which creates a very nice blending with the natural environment. Actually the word “Zagori” means “Behind the mountains”, which is based on the fact that these villages was positioned in such a way so that they are hidden from the Turks.

I spend the weekend at some of the villages and these are some of pictures I took. I didn’t visit the celebrity villages this time but the pictures give the general idea of how Zagorohoria looks. Unfortunately I didn’t took a picture of any bridge to show you. There are unnumbered bridges made of stone that you must see to believe! I will look in my photo archives and I will post some pictures later on.

Square at Tsepelovo General view

General view General view

An other Church Nice doggy!

  • Actually I think the name comes from the slavic language, as in Zagorje.

    The weird thing is that I have been to Zagorje (in the Slovenian part) but not Zagorohoria 🙂

  • Yes the name is actually Slavic in origin. From “Za” which means “behind” and “gora” that means mountain!

    And no I will not comment on the fact you haven’t visited Zagorohoria, when I’m here two years now. And you rather spend you time in Lagonisi! 😛

  • oee.. nice place for a computer-free holiday 🙂

  • Perfect pictures my friend !!! Actually I come from Ioannina… (from a small village). Greece is always beautiful !!!

  • the stones are ideal for texture making 😉

  • jenny

    There are beautiful… although U should had shown us the vihicle U went there!!!!


    P.S. U should post a picture of another beauty of Ioannina Xari… MMMEEEE!!!!