24 hours and 3GB later…

Its been almost 24 hours since the release of Sylphis3D and the sourceforge shows that 3GBytes were downloaded already about 10 e-mails expressing unbounded appreciation and some very nice comments. People are already jumping in to help with the website, doing changes and cleaning up the mess!

I would like to thank every one of you for your good wishes and I hope the best for you, too.

  • Congratulations on the release Harry!! It must be a great feeling. You should be proud! It will be interesting to see who does what with the engine. Exciting times await!

  • Jeremiah

    I’m very interested to try out your engine – I just happened to be looking for one with these features. I’m certain this engine will attract a lot of attention from the open source community. I think something in the forum settings at the dev site is preventing people from creating new topics though.

    • -No Contract Required (Wireless Phone Accessory) I got this, and was actually ralley dissipointed. It didnt have the blackberry logo on it and it made me thing it wasnt an actual blackberry, and it was a very light pink. I almost returned it cause i was so dissipointed. But i ended up keeping it and its a nice phone, works well.

  • I just fix that. Who would have thought that the defalt perms doesn’t allow for registered users to create forum topics!?