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Orientation Film One : The AutoSleep App

Ok, you must see this! My dearest of friends, Thanasis Lightbridge, made this awesome cult retro film for AutoSleep. It’s all there… secret laboratories, crazy vocals of rebelion, giant-reptiles-attacking-earth-style announcements, retro cinematography, wicked pyjamas, epic soundtrack, peaceful high pitch snoring … and many more! 😀 😀 😀

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Optimizing script language performance with custom memory allocators

The last weekend I did some exploration on the script language execution performance. Specifically on the memory allocation side of things, and I would like to share my findings. Script languages and memory usage As you probably know script languages (most of them at least, like Python, Lua, etc) have the tendency to make a huge […]

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24 hours and 3GB later…

Its been almost 24 hours since the release of Sylphis3D and the sourceforge shows that 3GBytes were downloaded already about 10 e-mails expressing unbounded appreciation and some very nice comments. People are already jumping in to help with the website, doing changes and cleaning up the mess! I would like to thank every one of […]

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The wait is over… Sylphis3D is open source!

I just release the source to Sylphis3D! Check out the story at the Developer Network. The wait is over! Sylphis3D is officially released under the GNU GPL ver.2 (with the classpath exception for those that need closed source solutions). The engine weights at around 45000 lines of source code written in C++ and Python. The […]

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