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I don’t know if you are familiar with I didn’t until yesterday. I don’t recall how I got there, but the site looks like a search engine like Google, until you notice that you can enter URLs of websites and Alexa gives you a ranking of the site. I thought it was something like […]

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Thank god there is Maple… I was trying to calculate the analytical derivatives of a big function today. My brain almost melted, so I found out we have Maple! It is excelent! It can calculate the analytical derivatives for any function… I had to calculate the Jacobian of derivatives for this function : (a*A + […]

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Project Offset

Yesterday, I stumbled on Project Offset. It is about a 3D game engine. The released videos and screenshots are very impressive! No engine released until now can create such visuals as the visuals are comparable only to Unreal 3. The project reminded me of the old days back in 2002 when I released Sylphis to […]

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